Nintendo rebrand

This classic game company has not undergone a comprehensive brand refresh in over 40 years. While their recent success with the Nintendo Switch garnered for them an increased following, this was largely due to the individualized advertisement campaign delivered by Nintendo’s own Sales and Marketing team.

Coming from the lineage of creative strategists such as Reggie Fils-Aime, who revolutionized the way that Nintendo marketed its products in the 2000’s. Transforming Nintendo from a “kiddie” company with products primarily for children to marketing their products as intended for all people.


Why rebrand Nintendo?

From the birth of the video game industry to present day, Nintendo has continued to create unique products intended for everyone, and established a brand that is known throughout the world and is synonymous with gaming culture. Our mission is to continue to create intriguing new ideas, and to bring smiles to our customers everywhere—without regard to age, gender, nationality, or culture.

While Nintendo continues to innovate, it is important to consider how we appear to customers throughout the world.

The Nintendo corporate logo serves as a representation of a brand image. The handling of a logo that is seen by customers, with unified standards and careful management, will accurately transmit our corporate sincerity and quality to people everywhere. Doing so will also lead to trust from our customers.
These guidelines contain usage rules and standards for unifying the Nintendo logo throughout the world and putting it to use. We ask for the cooperation of everyone in having a thorough understanding of the purpose of this manual and making use of it.

brand statement

Nintendo has an international presence, with subsidiaries worldwide.
Because of this, it is important to have a unified corporate identity program to help maintain a consistent and correct corporate look throughout Nintendo.



The translation of “Nintendo”— “任天堂“ —is “Leave Luck to Heaven.”
This informs the tagline: “The Game is in Your Hands” which is intended to invite players into an immersive gaming universe.